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strategic marketing content creation for brand engagement by SagePixels - Melbourne

Tailored marketing content to elevate your web presence

Content is what attracts audiences, engages them, builds trust, and converts prospects into customers.

Advertising campaigns can turn heads to get you noticed. However, once the attention is gained and people visit your website, only relevant and interesting content can keep them engaged, creating a genuine and lasting connection with your business and the business portal, which is your website.

Please refer to the FAQ below to find answers to some questions you may have.


Web Content Creation FAQ

General Questions

We are referring to information related to a product, service or anything else that you want a particular audience to know about; created for the purpose of getting that audience to interact with that product, service, entity or concept.
The intended interaction could be a sale, building a community, or coming together for a cause.

We call this type of content ‘Strategic Marketing Content’, simply because the content is strategically created to ‘market’ for an intended outcome.

Not at all!

Strategic Marketing Content is non-brand specific information about the benefits, user case scenarios, strengths, weaknesses, pros and cons of a product, service or an idea that you offer, produced in palatable, easily consumable chunks of information for audiences that are actively looking for that information.

Because consumers usually have specific needs and wants rather than brand-specific requirements. When they actively seek information relevant to their requirements, problems, or interests, our goal should be to educate and empower them with valuable knowledge and insights.

In other words, when someone visits your online space, they’re not looking for how awesome or great your brand is; instead, they’re searching for solutions or information.

By providing content tailored to their needs and providing the information they are looking for, we guide them towards choosing your brand, product, service or cause.

You certainly can, but it is not as effective unless you are already well-established.

Massive budgets that are needed for mass media make it impossible and nonsensical for smaller players to compete on mass platforms. Content on mass media is usually not on-demand, cannot be targeted and the analytic options and metrics are extremely limited.

Because of what the Internet, data storage, and connected devices have done to the way we make, distribute, and consume information.

Allow us to elaborate; Today, most information we consume is on-demand. Content owners do not get to dictate the time of content consumption. The days of missing a program unless viewed ‘live’ are long gone!

Mobile content consumption has become a norm.

Written content no longer needs paper to be printed on; distribution can be instantaneous. Audio-visual content gets transmitted all over the world without traditional radio or television channels.

Producing a video or a podcast has become relatively easy.

No one is at the mercy of a newspaper editor, radio or a TV channel producer to be heard or seen.

Amidst all these changes, basic human psychology, how people make choices, has remained unchanged. People still want to get services from those who really know what they are talking about. They want to buy from places they can trust, provide a good service and wouldn’t disappear after taking their money.

A fair amount of this initial trust-building and creating impressions, now happens online with relevant content; and content creation is the way to do it.

No, not at all!

Community building, Education, Public Service, Personal or Organisational Branding, Research and Research Funding all benefit from content creation and publishing content.

Well, you do!
We are not talking about getting into literature or making movies here.

Consider all the things you know about your products or services.
And think of common questions your customers ask when they meet you.
List them out, provide direct answers and then convert them into short write-ups.
Voilà, you have a series of short articles for your website.

This is your blog!

And, this is the type of information that will instill confidence in people about you, your business and the quality of the service or product you offer, especially if you are starting out or a small to medium scale business.

While a photographer or a videographer can hang photos or videos online as their portfolio to showcase their skills and expertise, as an accountant, builder, repair shop, bakery or a brewery you’ve got to go that extra mile to prove your case.

Content Creation Process Questions.

We transform your messages into palatable and easily digestible content for your target audience.
If you wish to learn how to do it yourself, we provide training and technical support as well.

Yes and no!

Let us explain; We are multimedia communicators and producers. (website creation is a part of it)

We don’t know your business; you do!

First, we listen to understand your goals and objectives, and about your target customers.

We then look for the information your customers search for, before, during, and after making purchase decisions by listening to you and via our own research.

Then, we convert that information into various forms of content targeted at your customers.

In other words, what we do is converting your content into consumable forms for your customers and audience. If you want to learn how to do it, we train you as well.

  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Content based Campaign Production
  • Visual Content Production Training
  • Audio Content Production Training

This is the first task of all content creation endeavours. 
We analyse your business goals, objectives, vision, mission, product, service or concept and the target audience to develop a content strategy and plan for the content, as well as the best modes of delivery to keep your target audience interested and engaged with your content; and convert.

Copywriting is the art and science of crafting text for target audiences to persuade and motivate them to take an intended action.

Playing with words has always been an art. The science behind it is human psychology and neuroscience.

On top of that, modern information technology uses a set of rules and algorithms to index and prioritise content on the web. The position your content gets on a search results page is determined by the interpretation of the importance of your content by these algorithms. The position you get is your search engine ranking!

The challenge of the modern-day copywriter is to be succinct and attractive to the information overloaded twenty-first century human, while fulfilling search engine algorithm requirements to rank high at the same time.

Doing this right is SEO copywriting.

We strategise, plan, produce and execute content driven marketing campaigns on your behalf.  

A campaign is for a single product or a service with a definitive start date, end date and objectives.
The extent of this service is scalable and adjustable to suit any business or brand.

We train you to make good quality video content by using either your mobile devices or simple and relatively inexpensive equipment. (Or expensive equipment if that’s how you wanna do it!)

We use carefully selected and crafted training materials and one-on-one sessions to train you or a member of your team to capture, process and output content for YouTube or any other video hosting platform.

We can also help you with finding a video editor. During the training we teach you how to minimise or even avoid the editing time and cost with proper planning.
If you feel like learning video editing, which will require learning a new software, we can provide guidance for that as well.

If necessary, we can extend our service/training to produce and finish the first program with your equipment under our guidance.

We train you to be a podcaster and make good quality audio content by using relatively inexpensive, yet high quality equipment.

We use carefully selected and crafted training materials and one-on-one sessions to train you or a member of your team to capture, process and output Podcasts. During the sessions we will teach you how to minimise or avoid the editing time with proper planning; and help you to find an audio editor should you need one.

If necessary, we can extend our service/training to produce and finish the first podcast with your equipment under our guidance.

Cost related questions

The final cost depends on the amount of work that goes into providing the content creation service and consists of individual costs of the service components. 
For web design related costs, please visit the web design page.

The provided costs are excluding taxes (if and when applicable), and are approximations for you to get an estimate of the financials involved.
The final fee will depend on the components and the total workload required for a customised solution tailored to each client’s needs.

Starts at $1500.

Varies depending on the requirements and the extent of work required.

(SEO Copywriting)

$150/hour – when combined with web design or another service.

$200/hour – as a standalone service.

For blogging we offer customised per post rates.

$2000 –  8 training sessions over 02 months.

Additional support will be billed separately.

$2000 – 8 training sessions over 02 months.

Additional support will be billed separately.

$1000 for a podcast template.

Professionally produced podcast template, with an opening jingle, intro, segment breaks and an outro. Music of the jingle will be royalty free.

Custom quotes will be provided after assessing all the requirements.